🌸🌺🌸Aloha!🌸 🌺🌸 Start planning your HAWAIIAN🍍🍌🌴 escape NOW!!!

Start practicing your HULA in your mirror at home… so you can go with the flow at the show!

One of the first things you will want to schedule is a wonderful evening of traditional music 🎶 and entertainment at a LUAU..

********* Aloha!!!!*********

If you’re going to MAUI the best place to go.. for the most traditional and authentic island experience is here:

  This is a tropical fantasy from your dreams…🏝 
  The set up of THIS grand feast is right off of the beach... There are seats at tables… and on mats near the stage. The live music… and visibility of the show is GREAT! no matter where you sit-– Don’t wait too late to claim your seat…This show sells out fast!!!

The festive show... spotlights all the rich traditions established in MAUI… and is timed perfectly for you to witness the most gorgeous natural scenery on the beach

-and- a  magnificent sunset…🌅 

  The hosts and hostesses exude the trademark #AlohaSpirit! They are courteous, pleasant, extremely hospitable & FUN! 


The food is plentiful at the ALL you can eat buffet. All of the island favorites.. and traditional cuisine is included… Top shelf drinks, and exotic cocktails flow all evening! At the end of the night… More treats before you go to sleep… in to go bags… along with fresh BANANA BREAD right out of the oven! 

Don’t WIND DOWN your VACATION… without making the exciting journey to UP TO HANA on the island of Maui!

Journey into the Bambo Forest… where it is shady and cool…

Listen: to the sounds of water falls…

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