The legendary WESTGATE Hotel–with all that #HighRoller #SWAG!

I sensed a very rich history at this hotel as soon as I set foot on the property… The massive hotel loomed before me.. in all it’s splendor… 

“Wow!” I can only imagine what it was like back in the day… when all the superstars were here.. This is one impressive structure!

The WESTGATE #LasVegas Resort & Casino… originally opened as the International Hotel on July 2, 1969… and at the was the largest hotel and casino in the WORLD!

 It had 1,568 rooms, a 30,00 square foot casino and 50,000 square feet of meeting space.

From March of 1971 through 2012..The hotel was known as the Las Vegas Hilton. The hotel space grew to almost 3,000 rooms… over 95,000 square feet of casino, 225,000 square feet of convention space… Not to mention a variety of restaurants, bake shops, souvenir places and one of the FIRST Benihana of Tokyo restaurants. (One of my favorites!) I like seeing the food prepared on the grill..

I look forward to the Hot steak & shrimp dinner…and all the other tasty courses… -plus- a fun show from a skilled chef!

Mmmm…. well enough about food.. Anyway, The #WESTGATE purchased the hotel in 2014..It became, and will remain the WESTGATE Las Vegas Resort & Casino. There are even TIMESHARES available here.

Now..Let me share the royal chambers with you..where I stayed.  I opened the door.. and felt Sooo nostalgic!  

Tasteful furnishings.. Lots of chandeliers… (yessss!!!) and all the right touches to give my abode all the Las Vegas splendor and swagger you expect.. 

Stylish… with a touch of that “traditional” HighRoller Flair! 

Whoa! I spot a picture of ELVIS near one of the many chandeliers in the room.. Yes.. ELVIS was here in this building.. for a long time! 

He performed over 600 consecutive sold out shows here.. and his music touched over 2.5 million fans.. during the seven years he performed here. 

He has a HUGE apartment space.. with all the original furnishings in tact… where he and his family lived while he performed here.. 

It’s a fabulous space where legendary after parties were also hosted by “The King of Rock and Roll… and his wife Priscilla.

 For just over 20 bucks.. you can tour his preserved living quarters… I was on a tight schedule this go round… but I’ll get back around to it..( and share with you! 😊) 

Gee Wizz… I can’t tell you how much I wanted to do that tour! ( I love giving tours myself… and TAKING them around interesting.. and historic places.. EVEN MORE!!! 

~Anywho~ I asked a few hotel staffer about it… and ALL their eyes LIT UP!  “It’s H U G E!!! ” said one guy… “Ohhh.. It’s sooo elaborately decorated!” –said another lady.. looking all dreamy and sentimental.. -that settles it!-It’s at the TOP of my “TO DO” List.. next time I return!!! 

Can you imagine all the SUPER STARS🌟 stopping through??? Speaking of SUPER STARS…also to MY DELIGHT–😊 I also had portraits of “The Greatest” Muhammad Ali in the room…

…and a sultry portrait of the late.. great Marilyn Monroe💕 She made the song famous… and oh yes! Diamonds are -still- “A girl’s best friend!” So you know my eyes “sparkled” when I saw all the shimmering stones dangling from the chandeliers!  Confirmation that  Sparkle-“E” was truly welcome!!!

I really enjoyed my stay at the WESTGATE very much! It was very comfortable… and nice..a nostalgic experience indeed.. 

When I clicked on the Big Screen TV in the room… I even saw a Turner classic movie.. with Old Hollywood stars from back in the day! I also had an awesome view of the Vegas strip from one of the highest floor in the hotel. Again.. The resort now has 3,000 rooms… and 300 suites. 

All of the rooms are being renovated.. and 200 of them will become TIMESHARE VILLAS.. 

According to hotel statements..”Each VILLA and ROOM will reflect the grandeur of a bygone era, and chic touches of retro modern de’cor.”

There’s a life size bronze statue of ELVIS PRESLEY in the hotel pay tribute to the king.

After Elvis reigned supreme … Other top stars also headlined here for many more decades.. including Liberace, Tom Jones, Tony Bennett, Johnny Cash, Glen Campbell, Red Foxx, Paul Anka, Earth Wind and Fire, Barry Manilow and many more! Thanks to these legends,the WESTGATE will be forever treasured here in Vegas! The staff was friendly and accommodating..and the history is extremely rich… 

Most ~definitely~ a win-win to include this magnificent place on your schedule!

-Evette Dabney, Founder/Creator of Sparkle-“E” Entertainment


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