A trip through History! More Highlights from #NMAAHC the National Museum of African American History & Culture 

My experience was so NICE! I had to come back TWICE!!! The National Museum of African American History and Culture is ~DEFINITELY~  one of the FINEST museums in the WORLD 🌎!!!

I am so proud of my heritage & culture! African-American people have gone through a lot in this country.  

My people have endured enormous hardships…but we’ve made it through the centuries with DIGNITY & incredible STRENGTH!

My ancestors helped BUILD America❗️ Slaves labored to keep this country maintained and supported. 

 Current generations… continue to support and nurture this land. We love ❤️the #USA 🇺🇸 and pray…it will LOVE us back!

We continue to keep HOPE alive… that MORE change will come…and give us FAIR opportunities…

A FAIR chance to grow, exist in peace & harmony, earn decent wages, financialy support & care for our families, live in a safe & clean environments…-and-achieve success ‼️‼️

Visiting the museum keeps you grounded.  EVERYONE who can… should try and visit. 

It’s definitely an “eye opening experience.” This is a TRIP through history!

It will remind some.. and educate others about you the trials and tribulations African American’s have endured… and survived!  

Being taken from our native land in Africa…making it through the middle passage, Bondage….and still remaing “focused” and strong enough… to continue the Fight for FREEDOM & EQUALITY!

Seeing the images in the museum make uus feel PROUD of WHO WE ARE!!! 

Our skin… our features… the way we walk… and talk.

Our hair… and the history of those who made it Easier for us to manage… and maintain. 

This Exhibit highlights on Madame C.J Walker... a self made millionaire $$$ 💰💵💰 who creating products for BLACK HAIR CARE…💆🏽

The NEW generations of Madam C.J Walker… have updated some of her hair care products from the past.  The NEW Hair care merchandise can be purchased in Sephora stores…

Below are photos depicting the EARLY days of the “BEAUTY PARLOR “ experience for women of color.

This was Madam CJ Walker’s home.  She owned a very FINE mansion during her life time.  She was one of the richest people of color at one point…

The museum is FILLED with many other success stories like this one…

Every single moment of the African American experience is documented with pictures, video, artifacts, family heirlooms, rare collectibles…. YOU NAME IT!!!

This time…  I spent 3 (three) days exploring the museum… I took my time… checking out each level.

Here’s a peak through a window… from the highest level.. A picture perfect view of the NATIONAL MALL.

While I spent many emotional hours in darkness… reviewing the middle passage… and historical facts about SLAVERY… during my first visit. (Grand Opening Day!) I revisited these areas…

but focused a bit more on  “lighter” subject matters this time…. and stories of  SUCCESS!!!


 Outstanding accomplishments from African Americans on stage, film and television! 



Literary Greats! Like August Wilson… who wrote “Fences.”

And African-American Greek lettered organizations… Including my beloved Sorority! DST! 🔺

These are a few collectible items on display..

Below… is a “pledge” hat worn by perspective women looking to be Uniates into the sisterhood…

Below… I’m checking out photos of my sorority sisters “stepping!”

Stepping is an artistic form of expression…with song, dance and a special routine of choreographed moves.. that sororities & fraternities do in celebration… and  HONOR of the GREEK LETTERED organizations..

This routines often include history of the organizations… and descriptive details about the “image” of the groups.

The museum has an interactive exhibit… to teach visitors how to do some signature moves… that help make up snazzy “Stepping” routines.

Here’s a close up look at MY sorority sisters… during the 80’s.. This photo comes from a stepping exhibition at a local chapter… of a college based in the south.

Here’s another photo included in this 2nd floor exhibit. Below is an example of another fraternity… “Kappa” men… using their traditional CANES during a stepping routine…

….and this is a scene from a large screen where guests are directed to stand in a square… and learn a routine from watching “Step Masters.”

Step outside… and study the artistic shape & design of the museum. A beautiful scene of Washington, DC landmarks are visible across the street from the museum… and every where you turn..

Walking back into REAL LIFE… after taking a historic journey in the past… will MOTIVATE you… to take BOLDER strides into a BETTER FUTURE…

Never judge ANY MAN or WOMAN unless you’ve walked a mile in ~THEIR~ shoes! 

Walking miles in this museum will surely give you a better perspective of the BLACK experience! 

African Americans consistently make efforts to STEP  into “GREATNESS..” 

Our people remain FAITHFUL that better days are down the road! So we KEEP IT MOVING!!!

Can we DO BETTER in the FUTURE …and NOT remain BITTER from all the trials… and tribulations from the PAST??? 

🔴🔵  YES.WE.CAN!!!! 🔵🔴

Now step out in FAITH… and WALK in that TRUTH!!!

~Evette Dabney

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